Randy could have cut costs as early as the blueprint stage. He didn’t. Even though it would have cost a bit less, we knew he was a man of ethics.

Randy’s bid was realistic. He didn’t trim quotes to get the job. Except for the changes we made in upgrades, we stayed within the budget.

Client Input
From the very beginning, Randy listened to us and understood what we wanted in a home. He helped us build the home of our dreams. Throughout the process, we were informed and asked what we wanted.

We were able to contact Randy and Josh at any time. Replies were prompt and courteous. No matter what the issue, both men were kind and willing to address concerns. Randy visited the worksite every day and saw to it that the subcontractors were doing the work as planned.

Skill and Expertise
No corners were cut. From the very beginning, building decisions were made so our house will last. From foundation to trim work, Randy and Josh gave us expert advice, which resulted in a solid, beautiful home.

The subcontractors working under R. VanDyke Builders are the best. We heard only glowing critiques about Randy, Josh, and the subcontractors from the wholesale side of the building industry. The skill and expertise can be viewed as you walk through the home.

Attention to Detail
The smallest of details were attended to. Randy and Josh cared as much about creating an extraordinary home as we did.

The worksite inside and out remained clean and orderly. From trash to tools — everything was picked and up and organized at the end of the day.

We were told the home would be built in six months and it was. Randy has built enough homes to promise a realistic and practical time frame.