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R.VanDyke builders, is a family run company proudly serving southwest Michigan. We’ve been building single family custom homes and remodeling since 1981. We understand that building a new home or remodeling is typically the largest investment your family will ever make. It is your dream and we are fully dedicated to walking through this process with you closely.

We specialize in custom new home building, remodeling, and small to major additions. We can help you navigate every aspect of the process, all of the way from the start to the finish. We are honored to be able to build your home, and value the opportunity to form great new relationships.

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Commitment to excellence


We’ve built our company with a large emphasis in serving our customers’ needs from the very beginning to the very end, of every project. As well as being there well beyond it. Building our customers trust is very important to us. The building advice we have to offer reflects our desire to combine people’s dream for their home, with the best building practices in mind.

When we start a new home or renovation, the details are covered and we follow through with them. We are available, and present through each step of the build.


For the future investment of your home, well beyond the initial build, quality will win over price. The longevity of well-built materials or finishes, combined with average wear and tear, relate to the cost to maintain your home in the long run. The word quality may well be one of the most overused and creatively defined words in building, generally speaking.

What you see and what you don’t see, are both what you get. Quality is on the surface and very much beneath it as well.

We believe in showing people where the differences count. We build with this philosophy, too.

Continuing Legacy

Our family company is now two generations strong. The same commitment, dedication, and values are at our core today. We are who we are, because of our customers’ belief in us.

With the many advances in building technology, techniques and design, our industry is continually moving forward. We continue to go to great lengths to be “forward thinking” and to welcome new ideas, but we do so cautiously especially with our clients’ interests in mind. We stand behind our work.